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DigitalMoncton is a prominent leader as a nearshore technology and delivery center in New Brunswick, Canada, serving the Atlantic Canadian Region. We work to help new and existing businesses thrive in the world of technology, following our vision of putting Atlantic Canada on the map.Nurture your ideas with one of our dedicated teams or set up a fully-fledged nearshore office setup with our nearshore services. Our unique service framework can provide you with a large range of technology, business, and training services such as voice app design, chatbot development, digital marketing solutions, bilingual consulting,
recruitment and training and more.

Why Choose Digital Moncton for Your Business Needs?

Our elite group of tech entrepreneurs has a combined experience of 150+ years in the technology field, making us one of the few and largest driving forces in the region. Our knowledge of tech allows us to work on a large range of projects, including those that require project planning, risk management, scalability, and execution for maximum profitability.

Why Use a Nearshore Tech & Delivery Center in North America?

We believe that a lot of North American companies are looking for a larger and more talented pool of candidates but cannot take on increased operational costs or higher overheads. The advantage of using a nearshore tech and delivery center is that you can take advantage of geographical proximity without stretching finances.

Moncton, New Brunswick offers this, as the talent pool in tech is quite diverse here, and is located in Atlantic Canada, keeps costs down. Digital Moncton is optimized for delivering onsite and offsite cloud-based solutions for projects at any stage and of all sizes to both new and existing businesses.

When is Subsidiary as a Service Recommended?

There are many reasons to use a subsidiary as a service, however, there are a few key points that indicate it to be of good use to businesses. If you fit into any of the following categories, definitely consider using a subsidiary.

Is your company ready to commit to a given market for more than 5 years? If the answer is no, a subsidiary is recommended.

How many employees are you starting with or currently have? If it is less than 20, a subsidiary is recommended.

 How long are you willing to wait for necessary resources, such as a dedicated
team or supplies needed to complete a project? If you do not want to wait for 2-3 months, partner with a subsidiary.

 Interested in a specific region or market, but don’t want to invest in a large
expansion budget before knowing that it is viable? Pilot the region with a subsidiary.

 Don’t have the talent or expertise in certain technologies that you require
temporarily? A subsidiary can help you there.

What Are the Benefits of Using Digital Moncton as a Subsidiary Service?

A subsidiary company is going to have complementary operations as the parent company, or in our case, the businesses of Moncton, New Brunswick. This means that we work as an extension of you, innovating, testing, and developing the technology you need for your business. This unique framework is called a subsidiary as a service and provides the following benefits.

 No need to wait to get the ball rolling. You don’t have to wait months to start developing, planning, and designing the idea or product that you want. Instead,we can help you get started in days, ensuring that you get to market faster than anticipated. Start your Canadian subsidiary in 72hours.

 Less infrastructure needed = less cost. Innovating with technology often requires expanded infrastructure as you need an in-house team to develop,
design, and test your idea or product. By sharing the common resources needed to get the job done, you don’t need to hire a whole new in-house team or support staff. We can start operations with turnkey office at CAD200 a Desk / Month or CAD500/Suite/Month

 You can scale as you go. Buying a full solution package and then finding out that you don’t have enough users to support it can be devastating to a business.With a subsidiary service, you can scale as you go, using our expertise as needed in order to match the economy. Complete Subsidiary Management from Registration to filing annual returns, tax compliance under CAD25000/Yr for small teams up to 10 People.

 Less commitment needed on your end. Unsure of whether you want a long-term commitment? Sign a shorter contract and pay on a monthly basis as used. 5. Available to anyone. You do not have to be a big corporation to benefit from our services and solutions. Subsidiary as a service works really well with new businesses, existing businesses, and small and medium enterprises.

Access Government Support. Being a local brand in Atlantic Canada we have an extensive list of grants and support knowledge for every kind of industry. Our vast knowledge of tax rebates, immigration, and all other government assistance can separate us from other service providers.

In partnering with Digital Moncton, the advantage is that you can get into the market while minimizing the potential risk and liabilities that come with the Atlantic Canada Region.

Digital Moncton’s Service Portfolio

Business Development as a Service: Our business services can help you in recruitment and training of top talent, provide you with digital transformation services, aid inexport/import trade, and even provide bilingual consulting support. We have a pool of consultants who will help you to navigate through the North American Market.

Technology as a Service: whether you are looking for an IoT Prototype, achatbot developed, a voice app designed, or require AL/ML implementation, we
have you covered. Beyond these, we offer consulting/auditing, DevOps, IT Staffaugmentations, software maintenance, web design, and web domain hosting.

 Operations as a service: Our business units cover the entire lifecycle needed to get your
technology through the planning, designing, development, and to-market phases. We have gained operational efficiency to ensure the business unit in Atlantic Canada works absolutely under compliance.

 Recruitment as a Service: here at Digital Moncton, we take care of all back- office operations such as HR Management, Payroll, Billing/Collections, Taxes,
Import & Export Trade, and Financing.

Infrastructure as a service: if you require company infrastructure only, we have a nearshore office setup services available to help you get your own facilities up in running.


Schedule a call to review .  Call us at: +1 506 588 5819, e-mail us at: or use our contact page.

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