CRM Integration Services: Types & Options for Small Businesses
As a small business owner, integrating your customer relationship management software can have a profound and positive impact. It can increase your overall customer satisfaction rates, boost productivity, and give you a new focus. While having a standalone CRM is a must for small businesses that want to grow, integrating it with the rest of your critical platforms is necessary to get a full picture of your business, including your strengths, weaknesses, and future opportunities.
What Is CRM & How Does It Help?
A customer relationship management software aggregates data about your customers, your sales, and your marketing and places it all into one integrated system that is easy to view. The data that is captured from your customers is organized into current and prospective leads, giving your business the ability to coordinate efforts through your sales and marketing initiatives. It essentially organizes your customer database so that you can stay on top of your sales funnel. It helps you by doing the following:

  • It improves how you communicate with your customers,
  • It allows you to effectively focus on advantageous business objectives,
  • It increases company profit and investment returns,
  • It tracks the pipeline from potential prospect to paying customer,
  • It improves customer retention rates by improving customer service,
  • You can track how well your business is performing,
  • You uncover new opportunities to gain more or sell to existing customers,
  • You can track how well your business is performing,
  • You can streamline customer account management through departments,
  • Save time by automating certain sales and marketing processes,
  • It empowers your sales force by giving them actionable customer information.

Why Must Small Businesses Integrate CRM With Other Systems?
Your small business isn’t run by any one system but is instead run successfully by using multiple systems. You have customer support lines, communication lines like email and telephone, a billing department, sales department, and probably use a combination of other applications to get the job done. It is likely that you have multiple logins, multiple interfaces, and multiple points of data.
Our CRM Integration Services

Integrate into the Cloud.

In using a cloud-based CRM solution that integrates with your existing software, you can easily scale up as you need. This is fantastic for small businesses catering to local communities, as you can monitor, upgrade, and manage it offsite.

Integrate with Email for Marketing.

When you bring your CRM software and your email together, you streamline your marketing. This is because you have instant access to your consumer data, including their preferences and actions, allowing you to make your emails more effective.

Integrate Phone & CRM.

Ever wanted a one-click call to all potential prospects? That’s the power of integrated CRM services and a dedicated phone number. Notes, updates, and marketing efforts can be tracked holistically.

Take CRM Integration Services & Pair with Your Calendar.

Nothing beats being able to use one piece of software to schedule all of your appointments, tasks, and events. No more opening up Apple, Google, and Outlook Calendars at the same time to try and coordinate time slots and dates.

Automate Your Marketing.

You can align your sales and marketing tactics together into one solution. When merged, your sales and marketing departments and platforms can sync up, leading to better prospect management.

CRM & Social Media?

Yes! Your visible presence to the online world has a massive impact on your customer retention and new leads. Knowing how well you trend on popular platforms gives you insight into customer engagement and preferences.

CRM Integration with ERP

This can be a huge time saver when you need financial information on hand or when you are removing duplicate information from the system.

CRM Integration Services for Customer Support.

In syncing CRM with your help desk, you can track support issues easier and update account information simultaneously.
Various CRM Frameworks


This is an open-source all-in-one solution that allows you to manage your business from anywhere.Has English & French support, social integration and mobile integration.


This CRM integration service has been serving small businesses for over 30 years and is available in the cloud, as a third-party, or in a self-hosted mode.


The idea behind Freshsales is to help you stop juggling multiple tools. It provides Ai-based lead scoring as well as built-in phone, email, and lead capture activity.

HubSpot CRM

Very good if you want essential functionalities for free in your CRM integrated software.Paid premium plans available for additional features.


Is one of the leaders in integrated CRM software services. The “essentials” option will integrate your email, spreadsheets, and calendar into one interface.

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Other notable CRM integration services for small businesses in Atlantic, Canada include Copper for Google App-based businesses, E-soft Mastersales, The Fish Tank (web-based), Insightly, and Less Annoying CRM (simple & customizable). To know more,

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