Do I Really Need to Hire SEO Expert for my business?

The Value in SEO Experts: Do I Really Need to Hire One?

With the vast amount of information available on the web about search engine optimization, you may be wondering if it is feasible for you to learn it and implement it yourself. After all, there are plenty of tutorials, walkthroughs, and explanations that define every single little detail that you need to know, to not only get started, but to fine tune it as well. When you combine this with the costly amount needed to fund this portion of your marketing budget, learning the ropes yourself becomes very tempting. While it is possible, there are a few issues that pop up. First, as a business, if you devote the massive amount of time needed to learn search engine optimization, you are taking away from that time being spent elsewhere. Second, SEO techniques are always in flux, so learning the basics is not enough. Third, an SEO expert is going to serve your business better because it is their field of study and specialty. So, do you really need to hire one? Yes, and here is why. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an SEO Expert.  


  • Your Online Exposure is Determine by Well Done SEO.  A few generations ago, finding information would require a library and printed text. It would require combing through countless pages of information by narrowing down the topic, genre, and category of where that information was indexed. In today’s digital world, all of this comes from a simple search online. When someone is looking for your service or a product of yours, they are going to type it into Google, Bing, or Yahoo with a keyword phrase first, rarely thinking to pop into a physical store instead. This makes your online presence and exposure to these consumers, vitally important and the way to find success in that is through search engine optimization. In order to have SEO that is better than just the basics, there are specific techniques that need to be learned and understood, which is where an digital marketing expert can help you.
  • Time is Precious & SEO Takes a Lot of It.  The major reason why search engine optimization is such a time-consuming task is because it has to be a part of your day to day operations. It involves building up a reputation through your social media channels, it involves creating unique and hand-tailored content via blogs, and it requires monitoring and analyzing metrics. You must tweak and change marketing plans, try out different SEO techniques, and fiddle with optimizing your keyword phrases. While some tasks can be done quickly, like submitting your website to search engines, other tasks like garnering authoritative backlinks, takes much longer. Hiring an search engine optimization agency allows you to offload this type of work to them, freeing up your time to focus on other parts of the business.
  • There Are Some Serious Consequences When SEO Is Done Wrong. One of the major misconceptions about search engine optimization is that you can employ numerous tactics and have them work, regardless of what they are, what your niche is, or how well you know how to implement them. When your website optimization is done wrong, it will result in a lot of lost revenue as your website will not a) receive a good ranking in search engines, b) may cause your consumers to find your competitors over you, c) may violate search engine guidelines resulting in your website being banned from being listed.  If you don’t want to risk these, hire an SEO expert.
  • Your In-House Team May Not Be Able to Handle SEO’s Complexities alone.  Search engine optimization is constantly in flux as search engine algorithms are always changing. While not knowing or understanding how search engine trends change, will not penalize your website, it can cause you to be inefficient in the strategies you are using. Over time, this can cause a slowdown in online presence, can cause you to lose ranking, and it can cause you to lose online customers. Search engine optimization is complex because it requires an understanding across numerous techniques, channels of communication, and back-end website optimization.


Why Should You Outsource Your SEO to Digitlal Agency?

While outsourcing in general is nothing new to companies who want to cut down on operating costs and remove the mundane tasks from day to day operations, outsourcing one’s search engine optimization is becoming more on trend.  For most businesses who choose this route, they will receive a better return on investment than if they were to spend the same amount on an internal SEO team. Why? Having someone who is specialized in the field, who can work on it day in and day out, are going to provide faster results and are going to be far more effective.  But, if this isn’t enough, there are numerous other reasons to outsource your search engine campaigns, website optimizations, and keyword research.


  • You Need a Professional SEO Expert on Your Side.  Without hiring an SEO expert, you are curbing your growth as a business. Dabbling in SEO is not enough to get you the results you want, which means you need to let a professional deal with the integral parts of SEO optimization.  If you want to be on the first or second page of Google, an SEO expert can achieve that because they understand how to find and rank keywords, how to optimize your website’s meta tags and descriptions, and they know how to set up search engine campaigns. Do you? If not, hire an SEO expert.
  • How Search Engine Traffic is Managed is Always in Flux.  As the internet continues to grow, how the major search engines manage traffic is always changing. This is why SEO techniques are always in flux, as they are trying to keep up with and match the algorithms.  Optimizing the content of your website to the changes is critical in maintaining, growing, and avoiding the pitfalls of SEO. Outsourcing your optimization to those who understand how the algorithms are changing, puts your business in a better position for success.
  • Perspective Opens New Lines of Thinking.  Even if you have an internal SEO team that is doing a good job with your website, hiring an SEO expert may still be something you want to look into as they can provide you with perspective. An outside consultant can cut out closed-minded patterns, bring forth new and innovative strategies, and fine tune your processes.
  • It Is Cost Effective to Outsource Your SEO.  When you have an internal team, you must provide compensation packages, you must provide benefits, and you must train them and hire them through an onboarding process.  Outsourcing avoids this and still gives you highly qualified people, often for a lot less money too. For Example Tools & Paid Softwares used by digital marketing agencies of New Brunswick can not be as easy to afford by one individual small business in new brunswick.
  • You Can Scale as You Need.  Some months do not call for as much SEO optimization as others. When you have an internal team working on it, you are still paying them the same amount, whether it is a low-volume month or a high-volume month. This stops you from being able to scale up or back as needed. When you have to scale up, your internal team may find themselves overworked or unable to provide high-quality results.  When you outsource and hire an SEO expert (or team), they will scale to the needs of your business as they will have the resources to handle additional demand.
  • See Actual Results in a Timely Fashion.  Search engine optimization is one of those things that you can work on really hard and for a really long time and still see limited results. This is because it requires a lot of in-depth knowledge and expertise in creating an SEO strategy that works for your business (and no two businesses are alike). Hiring an SEO expert will maximize your return on investment and give you actual results in a timely fashion.

When it comes down to it, hiring an SEO Team is a fantastic move for both small and large businesses alike. They can bring in fresh perspectives, provide insight on upcoming search engine optimization techniques, and help you scale and see results in record time. It frees up your business from getting trapped in time-sucking tasks that would otherwise provide you with sub-par results.

If you want to see online success, have brand exposure, and bring in traffic that suits your business, it is worth going to an SEO Agency rather doing it in-house.


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